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The so called midlife crisis is often maligned and misunderstood as midlife craziness - leading to sports cars or hair plugs.  But these cliches do not reflect the true potential value and importance of this crisis.  This critical time can herald the dawning of a new, more vital, life for you and your relationship.  But this does not just happen.  Significant reinvention of your life requires perspective, skill, courage, and responsible commitment.  This book will help you to -

  • Understand the vital life issue that is at stake when you confront your crisis
  • Avoid taking unnecessary risks that could cause harm to yourself or others
  • Maintain your sanity and perspective if your partner is having a crisis
  • Learn how to remain in the 'heat' of the tension and connect with the deepest meaning and purpose of your crisis

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One of the responsibilities of my job is as an editor.  In reading your book I realized I had edited myself out of my own life!  Your wise counsel has given me courage, and brought with it an excitement to understand and welcome this midlife process. I now appreciate its gift and tremendous potential.  Thank you Dr. Dave!

C. C. North Carolina, USA

I was totally taken by your wonderful book.  It was captivating.  The psychological discussion of our lives and mental health, relationships and our careers was riveting to me.   (I loved the "static vs. dynamic" model for understanding the midlife crisis.)

J. C. California, USA

The best book I ever read about midlife!  It was most helpful in shaping my life again as I went through what I now call my "midlife realization and personal growth era".  Thank you for making it available so generously. I keep recommending it to my friends.

T.K. Indiana, USA

Your book was a real eye opener for me!  Thank you so much for sharing it on-line.

R.W. Canada

I just read your Ebook on the Midlife Crisis.  It has provided me with a sane alternative to the roller coaster ride I find myself on now.

J.dV. Netherlands

"I have to say that even after all of the other reading I have done on the midlife crisis, I have learned very much from your book!"

A.P. London, UK

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